GP Smart Referrals

GP Smart Referrals provides seamless and integrated capability allowing GPs to create and submit electronic referrals from existing practice software.

GP Smart Referrals are digital referrals that integrate with Best Practice and Medical Director software to enable faster, more streamlined management of referrals to Queensland public hospitals.  

Key features

  • Fields requiring patient demographics will auto-populate from the clinical record, reducing time spent with manual data entry 
  • Allowing for the attachment of test results, imaging and other clinical documents from the clinical record or your PC, in multiple formats 
  • Alignment with state-wide essential referral criteria, reducing the number of referrals being returned
  • An in-built Service Directory to inform you of the closest service available to your patient’s home

Smart Referrals benefits

  • Safety and quality of care—enhanced quality of referral information, informs clinical handover, triage and treatment of patients
  • Workflow efficiency—faster, streamlined referral management supports better patient outcomes
  • Patient experience—enhanced quality of referral information reduces wait times
  • GP experience—quicker and easier for GPs to refer
  • Clinician experience—enhanced decision support information improves patient care
  • Financial benefits—reduction in referral rework and avoidable appointments

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